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KYS IV: 258

Composed on drizzle, for a notebook match held at the residence of Fujiwara no Chikako, Junior Second Rank.


katu tiru yama no
momidiba wo
ika ni fuku yo no
arashi naruran
Constant drizzle falls
All over the mountain’s scattered
Scarlet leaves, so
It may as well blow through the world:
The storming wind!

Master of the Palace Repairs Office Akisue

A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.

Love VII: 6

Left (Tie).

ashihiki no
yamaji no aki ni
naru sode wa
utsurou hito no
arashi narikeri
Leg wearying
Mountain trails in autumn
Have my sleeves become,
For she fades from my life, as
A departing storm…

Lord Sada’ie.


kono yo ni wa
yoshino no yama no
oku ni dani
ari to wa tsuraki
hito ni shirareji
Within this world, were I
In the Yoshino mountains’
Heart, even so
That cruel
One would know it not!


The Right state: the Left’s poem does not refer to a specific mountain – we wonder whether this is acceptable? In addition, ‘in autumn have my sleeves’ (aki ni naru sode) and ‘she…as a storm’ (hito no arashi) is difficult to understand. The Left state: the Right’s poem has no faults to indicate.

In judgement: in connection with the criticism made of the Left’s poem, I do not feel that it is always essential to refer to a specific mountain. The other matters are, indeed, difficult to understand. The underlying sense of the Right’s poem seems overly pretentious. It is reminiscent of the tales of Boyi and Shuqi, or of Jie Zhitui, and Mount Shouyang and Mount Mian. Really, it does put me in mind of the Four White-Headed Recluses of Mount Shang, where it says, ‘They emerged due to the plans of Zhang Liang, made for Huidi, who said, “Though I may lie down with the greybeards, enjoying Mount Shang myself, all, in the end, are people under Zhang Liang.”’ It is extremely difficult, in the end, to make these sentiments relevant to our own land. Thus, I find it inappropriate to accept the content of the Right’s poem. The Left’s poem has its faults, too, so cursorily, I make this round a tie.

Love 65

Left (Tie).


tsuraki arashi no
koe mo ushi
nado yûgure ni
matsu naraiken
The heartless storm-wind’s
Roar is cruel, indeed;
Why, at eventide
To wait, have I become accustomed?


Right (Tie).


kaeru sa no
mono to ya hito no
matsu yo nagara no
ariake no tsuki
On his way home
Does he
Gaze upon it, I wonder?
While I wait the whole night through,
‘Til the moon meets daybreak…


SKKS VI: 615

From when he presented a hundred poem sequence.


sasa no ha wa
miyama mo saya ni
koreru shimo o
fuku arashi kana
The bamboo grass leaves
On Miyama clearly
The frozen frost
Blown by the storm, perhaps?

The Regent and Grand Minister [Fujiwara no Yoshitsune] (1169 – 1206)