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Summer II: 23



yūdachi wa
nagori mo miezu
izura ogawa no
oto bakarishite
The evening shower
Leaving no trace
Has cleared;
Where is the stream?
Amidst the sound of trickling water…

Lord Kanemune.


Right (Win).


irihi wa sasedo
sugawara ya
fushimi no sato wa
yūdachi no sora
From Hatsuse Mountain
The setting sun does shine, yet
Above Sugawara and
The estate of Fushimi
Evening showers fill the sky.

The Provisional Master of the Empress’ Household Office.


Neither Left nor Right has anything to say this round.

Shunzei simply says, ‘The Right’s “The estate of Fushimi evening showers fill the sky” is particularly fine. The Right must win.’

KKS XIX: 1024

A man, who had been visiting a woman in the house of the Sugawara Minister of the Right [Michizane], broke off their relationship, then wrote to her again; she replied:

sugaFara ya
Fusimi no sato no
aresi yori
kayoFisi Fito no
ato mo taeniki
The Sugawara
Estate of Fushimi
Is all overgrown, and
Of him who used to come here
Every single trace has gone!


SKKS IV: 292

Composed when he was ordered to produce a fifty poem sequence for Priest-Prince Shukaku.


akenuru ka
koromode samushi
sugawara ya
fushimi no sato no
aki no hatsukaze
Has it dawned?
Oh, my sleeves are chill!
In the village of Fushimi
In Sugawara
With the first breeze of autumn…

Fujiwara no Ietaka