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Sanekata Shū 283

When the Imperial Consort from the Koichijō Estate gave birth to her first son, the third night fell upon he fifth day of the Fifth Month.


iFa no uFe no
ayame ya tiyo wo
keFu mo satuki no
ituka to omoFeba
Atop the rocks,
The sweet-flag will a thousand years
Endure, no doubt;
For this day is the Fifth Month’s
Fifth day, I’m sure.

SZS III: 169

Composed as a poem on sweet flags.


samidare ni
nurenure Fikamu
numa no iFagaki
nami mo koso kose
In the constant drizzling rain,
Soaked, let us pick
Over the stony border of the marsh
Waves are breaking.

The Regent and Former Minister of the Right [Fujiwara no Kanezane]