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SZS III: 169

Composed as a poem on sweet flags.


samidare ni
nurenure Fikamu
numa no iFagaki
nami mo koso kose
In the constant drizzling rain,
Soaked, let us pick
Over the stony border of the marsh
Waves are breaking.

The Regent and Former Minister of the Right [Fujiwara no Kanezane]

SKS IX: 311

A man who she had been seeing in secret-what can he have been thinking?-returned home after it was light on the morning of the Fifth Day of the Fifth Month, saying, ‘This morning, I am happy to show myself!’; she composed this in reply.


kari ni mo kuramu
mono yuFe ni
neya no tuma to ya
Fito no miruran
Sweet flags
To pick-and as briefly have you been here-
But even so,
Within lies your wife-as you open the shutters
Is that what folk will see?

Izumi Shikibu

KYS II: 131

Composed to send with some kusudama to his daughter, who was in service at court.


wa ga mi no uki wo
nabete naranu ni
oFi mo idenan
O sweet flags,
From this muddy pool (my misery)
Pluck me and
In a most uncommon place
Let me grow.

Provisonal Archbishop Eien