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GYS VI: 918

Composed on plovers.


oki tsu shio
sashide no iso no
hama chidori
kaze samukarashi
yowa ni tomo yobu
From the offing the tides
Strike the shore at Sashide;
On the beach plovers,
Chilled by the wind
Call for their mates at midnight.

Supernumerary Middle Counsellor [Fujiwara no] Nagakata (1139-1191)

Plovers and a sand piper.

Love VII: 10

Left (Tie).

kumoi made
tsuzukite miyu
wata tsu umi no
yukue shirarenu
mono’omoi kana
Beyond the clouds
My gaze goes on and on;
The endless sea:
What lies beyond is unknown
As my gloomy thoughts…

Lord Suetsune.


ise no umi no
shiose ni sawagu
sazare’ishi no
kudakete mono o
omou koro kana
The sea at Ise:
Raging rapids with the tides,
Where pebbles
Shatter, gloom
Filling my thoughts these days…


The Right state: the Left’s poem is clichéd. The Left state: the Right’s poem is that of Shigeyuki.

In judgement: the Left’s poem is clichéd, but in addition to this uses ‘goes on and on’ (tsuzukite), which is not something one should say. The Right’s poem is, indeed, overly close to Shigeyuki’s, so both Left and Right poem are deficient and lacking in any element allowing a win.