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Once, when Retired Emperor Reizei (950-1011; r. 967-969) was Crown Prince, the gentlemen were composing poems on the spirit of waiting for the moon:


ariake no
tuki no Fikari wo
matu Fodo ni
wa ga yo no itaku
Fukenikeru kana
While from the dawning sky
The moon’s light
I have awaited,
For me it has become very
Late, indeed!

Fujiwara no Nakafumi (923-992)

Reizei was Crown Prince from the 23rd day of the Seventh Month 950 until the 25th day of the Fifth Month 967.

In the poem, the “moon’s light” is a reference to the Prince’s patronage, which Nakafumi feels he has grown old awaiting.

SKS VII: 207

A boy at the Mii Temple had promised to let him know if he came to the capital; although he heard that the boy was there, when he did not come to visit him, he sent him the following:


kage mienu
kimi Fa amayo no
tuki nare ya
idete mo Fito ni
Unseen is the brightness of your face ?
Are you as a rain-filled night’s
Moon, perhaps?
Emerging, yet to folk
Not letting on!.

Bishop Kakuga (1090 – 1146)