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Ise Shū 24

Thus it was that two years after the Emperor abdicated, he took the tonsure and went to live at a place called Ninna-ji. Occasionally, he would come to visit the Empress. Her Majesty felt a sorrow unlike any other in the world. When the Emperor came to the place where he had lived before, he would have a meal. The ladies who had served him would be summoned to him and, when they were leaving his presence, the Empress:


koto no Fa ni
taesenu tuyu Fa
okuran ya
mukasi oboyuru
madowi sitareba
Upon the leaves that are our words
Never-ending dew
, does it not?
When as in times long gone
We sit around together…

SKKS XX: 1932

Amongst some poems of reminiscences.


toku minori
kiku no shiratsuyu
yoru wa okite
tsutomete kien
koto o shi zo omou
The Law teaches that
White dewdrops on chrysanthemums (Listen)
Fall at night (Arise from slumber)
And vanish with the dawn (Go to prayer, all will die)–
That is what I feel.

Former Abbot Jien