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Summer I: 13

Left (Win).


kyō matsuru
kami no megumi wa
kanete yori
uzuki no imi no
sashite shiriniki
Today we celebrate
The blessings of the god;
For days of
Seclusion the Fourth Month

Lord Suetsune.




asu wa mata
kamo no kawa nami
murasakino ni ya
iro o soubeki
Tomorrow, once more,
The waves on Kamo River
Will rise, borne on strains of song, returning
Through the violet plains
With the touch of colour.

Lord Takanobu.


The Right question, ‘Whether saying “known for days” (kanete shiriniki) implies whether the god’s blessings are only provided on the day of the festival?’ The Left reply, ‘The blessings provided on the day of the festival are different from those given at other times. Where is there a problem with this?’ Somewhat testily, they then continue, ‘The initial section of the Right’s poem is about the river, but it then continues to with the violet fields. The subject changes. Furthermore, “violet fields” (murasakino ni ya) is a displeasing expression.’

Shunzei says simply, ‘Both poems seem to be of the same quality [ryōshu no utazama wa dōka narubeshi]. However, the Right passes over the festival day to focus on the violet fields the following day, while the Left remains focussed on the day of the festival. It should win.’