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Eikyū hyakushu 418

When Spring Arrives in the Old Year 旧年立春


tani no to o
idezu to nake ya
uguisu wa
toshi mo akenu ni
haru wa kinikeri
Will ‘From the valley’s mouth
Come not!’ you sing?
O, warbler, for
The year has not yet dawned, though
Spring has come.


KKS II: 107

Topic unknown.


tiru Fana no
nakunisi tomaru
mono naraba
ware uguFisu ni
otoramasi ya Fa
If the scattering blossoms
Halted by cries
Could be,
Would mine to the warbler’s
Lose out? Surely not!

Assistant Handmaid [Harusumi no] Amaneiko[1]

[1] Amaneiko 洽子 (dates unknown) was the daughter of Harusumi no Yoshitada 春澄善縄 (797-870), a regional noble from Inaba in Ise, who was granted the name of Harusumi in 828. Her original name was Takaiko 高子, but this was changed in 877, as it was the same as that of Fujiwara no Takaiko 藤原高子 (842-910) , the consort of Emperor Seiwa 清和 (850-880; r. 858-876) and mother of Emperor Yōzei 陽成 (869-949; r. 876-884). Yoshitada had four children, of whom Amaneiko was the only one to enjoy any success at court, meaning that the family line ended after her death. Amaneiko had a respectable court career, serving five emperors, and eventually reaching Junior Third Rank in 902, a remarkable achievement for a court lady from a provincial background. Emperor Uda 宇多 (867-931; r. 887-897) regarded her extremely highly, singling her out for mention in his Kanpyō no go-yukai 寛平御遺誡 (897), a set of instructions and advice he wrote for Emperor Daigo 醍醐 (885-930; 897-930), when he abdicated and Daigo took the throne at the age of thirteen.

Chūjō miyasudokoro uta’awase

Composed when it was said that a poetry competition was to be held at the residence of the Ninna Middle Captain Lady of the Bedchamber.

Fana no tiru
koto ya wabisiki
tatuta no yama no
uguFisu no kowe
The falling of the flowers
Is sad, indeed;
In the spring haze
On Tatsuta Mountain
A warbler cries…

Fujiwara no Chikage


Composed when it was said that a poetry competition was to be held at the residence of the Ninna Middle Captain Lady of the Bedchamber.

osi to omoFu
kokoro Fa ito ni
tiru Fana goto ni
nukite todomemu
A regretful
Heart with threads
Does seem to be entangled;
Every single scattered bloom
Will I thread on them to keep.



KKS II: 131

A poem composed for a poetry contest held by Her Majesty, the Empress, during the Kanpyō period.


kowe taezu
nake ya uguFisu
Fitotose ni
Futatabi to dani
kubeki Faru ka Fa
Voice weakening-
Sing on, bush warbler!
In a single year,
Oh, that twice over
Spring would come upon us!

Fujiwara no Okikaze

KKS II: 128

Composed in the third month after not hearing the song of a bush warbler for a long time.


Fana si nakereba
uguFisu mo
Fate Fa mono’uku
With a song he tried to keep
The blossoms, yet now they’re gone,
So the warbler too,
At the last, in melancholy
Has sunk, it seems.

Ki no Tsurayuki