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SKKS XIV: 1320

From the Poetry Contest in 1500 Rounds.


utsurou hito no
aki no iro ni
mi o kogarashi no
mori no shiratsuyu
I am too grieved to die!
My fickle love showed me
She’d had enough with Autumn’s colours;
Now, I yearn for her as the bitter wind
Drenches the forest with silven dewfall.


SKKS IV: 286

Part of a hundred-poem sequence, composed on the spirit of the start of autumn.


itsushika to
ogi no ha muke no
kata yori ni
sosoya aki to zo
kaze mo kikoyuru
All at once
The reed leaves show
Their other side –
Just so! Just so! Autumn!
Is in the wind.

Retired Emperor Sutoku (1119-1164) (r. 1123-1141)

SKKS II: 137

Sent to Prince Kore’akira with a sprig of double-flowered cherry blossom she had had picked.


yae niou
nokiba no sakura
kaze yori saki ni
tou hito mo gana
The double hues
Of cherry beneath my eaves
Have paled;
Before the wind,
I would that you had visited…

Princess Shokushi