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KYS IV: 258

Composed on drizzle, for a notebook match held at the residence of Fujiwara no Chikako, Junior Second Rank.


katu tiru yama no
momidiba wo
ika ni fuku yo no
arashi naruran
Constant drizzle falls
All over the mountain’s scattered
Scarlet leaves, so
It may as well blow through the world:
The storming wind!

Master of the Palace Repairs Office Akisue

A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.

SZS XIX: 1211

Composed when he was on a pilgrimage to worship Kannon at thirty-three places, and saw oil emerging at Tanigumi, in Mino.[1]


yo wo terasu
Fotoke no sirusi
mada tomosibi mo
kienu narikeri
Shining light upon the world,
This Buddha, a sign
Does give:
As yet, the lanterns
Never have gone out!

Former Archbishop Kakuchū

[1] This poem was composed at the Kegonji 華厳寺 temple on Mount Tagumi (Tagumisan 谷汲山) in the middle of what is now Gifu 岐阜 prefecture.

Horikawa-in Enjo Awase 13


towade hodo furu
samidare ni
hitori yado moru
sode no shizuku o
Lost in thoughts of you,
Time without a visit passes by
As a summer shower
In my lonely home leaks
Droplets on my sleeves…

Lady Higo

In reply


yo to tomo ni
sate nomi koso wa
omoishirinu ya
sode no shizuku o
Together with the world
All stayed the same
As it passed by;
Could I be ignorant of
The droplets on your sleeves?

The Middle Counsellor