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MYS V: 871

Lord Ōtomo no Sadehiko, on receiving a special imperial command, was sent to a distant land as an ambassador. Readying his boat, he set sail and gradually became more distant on the aquamarine surface of the sea. His wife, Matsura no Sayohime, grieving at how easily people were parted in this world, sorrowed at the thought of how difficult it would be to meet her husband once more. So, she climbed to the top of Mount Takayama and, gazing at the boat growing ever more distant, in an extreme of loss cut open her belly, feeling that her soul was gone and the world was in darkness before her eyes. Then, at the last, she waved her stole. Of the folk who accompanied her, there was not one who was not in tears. It was from these events that the peak became known as Mount Hirefuri (‘Stole-wave’), and this poem was composed.


topo tsu pito
matura sayopime
tumagopi ni
pire purisi yori
operu yama no na
A distant man
Awaiting, did Matsura no Sayohime
Loving her man
Wave her stole, and ever since
Has this mountain borne that name!

MYS III: 382

A poem composed by Tajihi no Kunihito on climbing the hill of Tsukuba.

鶏が鳴く 東の国に 高山は さはにあれども 二神の 貴き山の 並み立ちの 見が欲し山と 神世より 人の言ひ継ぎ 国見する 筑波の山を 冬こもり 時じき時と 見ずて行かば まして恋しみ 雪消する 山道すらを なづみぞ我が来る

tori ga naku
aduma no kuni ni
takayama pa
sa pa aredomo
putagami no
taputoki yama no
namitati no
migaposi yama to
kamuyo yori
pito no ipitugi
kunimi suru
tukuba no yama wo
toki ziki toki to
mizute ikaba
masite koposimi
yamamiti sura wo
nadumi zo wa ga keru
In the bird-calling
Eastern lands
Mighty mountains
Many lie, yet
Twin deities –
The sacred mountains
Lie side-by-side;
Never tiring of the sight
Since the age of Gods
Have folk told the tale;
Gazing at the land:
Mount Tsukuba
Lay sealed in winter;
Not the time to do it, but
Without gazing at the land I did go, and
Loved it all the more;
Snow melting on
The mountain paths, even them
Have I climbed straining!

Tajihi no Mahitokunihito