Autumn I: 22



aware komoreru
nohara kana
kiri no magaki ni
uzura nakunari
In the early evening dusk
How melancholy is
The plain;
From beyond a fence of mist
The quails are crying.

Lord Ari’ie.




hagi ga magaki no
areyuku o
makoto no nobe to
nasu usura kana
My transplanted
Bush clover by the fence is
Disturbed and
Truly, ‘tis the plain
Again, with quails.



The Right state that ‘“Fence of mist” (kiri no magaki) is an unclear expression.’ The Left counter that they are ‘unaccustomed to the expression “bush clover by the fence” (hagi ga magaki).’

Shunzei states, ‘With regard to the respective criticisms of the gentlemen of the Left and Right, in this context “fence of mist” is a perfectly standard expression. “Bush clover by the fence”, too, needs no real explanation. In fact, the Left’s poem is straightforward, and the Right’s charming: melancholy in the mists, and the charming cries from beneath the bush clover – it is impossible to say which is the winner, and so the round must tie.

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