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東屋の 真屋のあまりの その雨そそぎ 我立ち濡れぬ 殿戸開かせ 鎹も 錠もあらばこそ その殿戸 我鎖さめ おし開いて来ませ 我や人妻

azumaya no
maya no amari no
sono ame sosogi
ware tachinurenu
tonodo hirakase
kasugabi mo
tozashi mo araba koso
sono tonodo
ware sasame
oshihiraite kimase
ware ya hitozuma
‘The eastern house
Has twin eaves
Rain dripping from them, and
There I stand drenched!
Open up the door!’
‘Bolt or
Bar had I
The door
It would be locked!
Push it open and come in
For I am your wife!’

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