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FGS III: 282

In a hundred poem sequence which he presented to the Hiyoshi Shrine.


haru fukaki
nodera tachikomuru
tsutsumi nokoseru
kane no oto kana
Deep in springtime
All around a temple ‘mong the meadows arises
Evening haze,
Lingering to envelop
The tolling of the bell!

Former Major Archbishop Jichin [Jien]

A Buddhist temple in the evening light.

FGS IV: 410

On summer trees, when His Majesty, the Former Emperor, ordered him to produce a thirty poem sequence.


niji no tatsu
fumoto no sugi wa
kumo ni kiete
mine yori haruru
yūdachi no ame
A rainbow rises above
Cedars in the foothills,
Vanishing in the clouds
Clearing from the peaks,
With an evening shower of rain.

Former Senior Assistant Governor General of Dazai Toshikane