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GSS I: 38

He had paid a visit to the house of an acquaintance where there was a plum tree. ‘When it blooms, I will certainly invite you to come,’ he was told, but when no letter arrived…


mume no Fana
ima Fa sakarini
tanomesi Fito no
wotodure mo senu
The plum blossom
Is now profusely
Blooming, it seems, but
From the man I trusted
Comes no note, at all…

The Suzakuin Prince and Minister for War [Atsukata/Atsumoto]

GSS XV: 1119

When the Kyōgoku Lady of the Bedchamber became a nun and, saying she wished for him to administer her vows, came over to the Ninna Temple.


Fitori nomi
nagamete tosi wo
furu sato no
aretaru sama wo
ika ni miruran
All alone
Have I gazed these years
Past upon my retreat’s
Ruined appearance, but
How must it appear within your sight?

Prince Atsumi