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SKS IX: 335

When the Go-nijō Regent [Fujiwara no Moromichi] was angry about some problematic circumstances, Nakamasa was at his residence, and did not present this to him directly, but said to the ladies in waiting.


sasuga ni kage ni
Furu kaFi mo naki
ame no sita kana
On Mount Mikasa
Indeed, by the shade
I am concealed, yet
Continuing on seems pointless
Under such a rain.

Minamoto no Nakamasa

SKS X: 373

When Fujiwara no Sanemune was Assistant Governor of Hitachi, he was severely criticised by messengers from the Ministry of the Treasury, and when Minister Masafusa heard this, he was ordered to transfer to Tōtōmi, so she composed this and sent it to him.


Fukaku uresi to
omoFu kana
Famana no Fasi no
watasu kokoro wo
Upon Mount Tsukuba
Will there be great rejoicing
I think, that
To the bridge at Hamana
Have your attentions turned!

Lady Higo [in service to] the Grand Empress Dowager

SKS VI: 184

When Lord Tachibana no Tamenaka left to become Governor of Michinoku, this was presented from pantry of the Grand Empress Dowager, without any mention of who had sent it.


adumadi no
Farukeki miti wo
ituka tokubeki
sitaFimo no seki
On Eastern paths
So distant
Will you go, and then return
When, indeed, will you undo
The barrier of Shitahimo – my under-belt again?