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Fujitsubo nyōgo senzai awase

Shinpen kokka taikan no.
Heian-chō uta’awase taisei no.23
Romanised TitleFujitsubo nyōgo senzai awase
Translated TitleGarden Contest held by the Fujitsubo Junior Consort
Alternative Title(s)
DateAutumn, Year unknown
Extant Poems2
Identifiable Participants
Topicsautumn; bell crickets (suzumushi 鈴虫)

There is limited concrete evidence about this contest, with even the identity of the Fujitsubo Junior Consort is uncertain, with some suggestions that this is an alternate title for the Seventh Princess, while others make the case for it being her mother – whose identity is also unclear. If either of these theories were correct, however, it suggests that the poems here may, in fact, have formed part of the Teishi-in – onna shichi no miya uta’awase rather than being part of an independent contest.

There remains the fact, however, that the first of the two poems associated with this contest was included in Shokukokinshū 続古今集 (IV: 332) and attributed to Emperor Uda with the headnote:

Composed by His Majesty when he judged he poems in the Garden Match held by the Fujitsubo Junior Consort.

So there was clearly a belief on the part of the compilers of that anthology when it was put together in 1265 that it was part of an identifiable competition.


Fana no iro Fa
konatakanata ni
aki no kokoro Fa
Fitotu narikeri
The blossoms’ hues
So varied
Do appear, and yet
The heart of autumn
Is the same in every one.



ne ni takaku
itodo narimase
suzumusi Fa
siratuyu koto ni
okitu to naraba
Their piercing cries
Grow all the louder –
Should on the bell crickets
Silver dewdrops especially