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Uda-in ominaeshi awase

Shinpen kokka taikan no.
Heian-chō uta’awase taisei no.10
Romanised TitleUda-in ominaeshi awase
Translated TitleMaidenflower Contest held by Former Emperor Uda
Alternative Title(s)
DateAutumn, Year unknown
Extant Poems14
SponsorEmperor Uda 宇多天皇
Identifiable Participants
TopicsMaidenflowers (ominaeshi 女郎花)

Little is known about this contest, other than that it was clearly sponsored by Emperor Uda. One of its poems made its way into Fubokushō (XI: 4232), where it is conflated together with poems from the Teishi-in ominaeshi awase, but as that poem does not appear in that contest’s texts, it must be from a separate contest. Hagitani (1963, 107) suggests that this contest could have taken place at any time prior to Engi 延喜 13 [913] with the most likely timing being a few years after Teishi-in ominaeshi awase in Shōtai 昌泰 1 [898].

The exact extent of this contest is also unclear, but it must have had at least ten rounds, of which only seven survive.