Jidai fudō uta’awase 144

Round One Hundred and Forty-Four



au koto wa
kore ya kagiri no
tabi naran
kusa no makura mo
Will our meeting
Here be the limit of
Our journey?
Our grassy pillow
Seared by distant frosts…




oikaze ni
yae no shioji o
kogu fune no
honoka ni dani mo
aimiteshi kana
The pursuing wind
Tracks ‘cross eightfold tidal paths
To reach the boat a’rowing out,
Its sails, so distant, but
Even a glimpse of you would do!


[1] Shinkokinshū XIII: 1209: Major Captain of the Left Asamitsu had not visited her for a long time, when he came to see her on her travels; having no pillow, they wove one out of grass.

[2] Shinkokinshū XI: 1072: When His Majesty’s gentlemen were composing poems on love and the wind, during the reign of former emperor Toba.

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