Jidai fudō uta’awase 149

Round One Hundred and Forty-Nine



morotomo ni
koke no shita ni wa
uzumorenu na o
kiku zo kanashiki
With her
Beneath the moss
It perishes not—
Of high renown, her name:
To see it is a bitter grief.




shimo o matsu
magaki no kiku no
yoi no ma ni
okimayou iro wa
yama no ha no tsuki
Awaiting the frost
By my lattice fence, the chrysanthemums
In the midst of night
Are draped in puzzling hues
By the moon from off the mountains’ edge.


[1] Kin’yōshū X: 612 (3): After the Koshikibu Handmaid had died, Izumi Shikibu had several robes which Empress Akiko had given her daughter over the years as keepsakes; when she saw notes she had made with Koshikibu, she composed.

[2] Shinkokinshū V: 507: On the conception of chrysanthemums under the moon by a lattice fence, when she presented a hundred poem sequence.

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