KKS XVI: 853

The apartment where Fujiwara no Toshimoto had lived when he was Middle Captain in the Right Imperial Bodyguards became vacant after his death and, late one autumn night when Arisuke was returning to the palace he glanced inside, noticing that the gardens which had been planted were growing in disorderly profusion and, as he had been in service there himself, he recalled times long past and composed:


kimi ga uFesi
Fito mura sususki
musi no ne no
sigeki nobe to mo
narinikeru kana
My Lord, you planted
A single clump of silver grass:
The insects’ cries
Are as profuse as the swath
It has become…

Miharu no Arisuke

4 thoughts on “KKS XVI: 853”

  1. It is a shortcoming that this Miharu no Arisuke poet is not able to provide any information .His poem is more valuable than the works of many great poets.Help find information .

    1. I’m afraid there’s very little information known about him. He was apparently a retainer of Fujiwara no Toshiyuki, and came from Kawachi province. He was appointed a Junior Assistant Lieutenent in the Outer Palace Guards in 902, and then promoted to Supernumerary Junior Lieutenant ten years later in 912. He has only two poems in this anthology – this one and KKS XIII: 629. Hope that helps.

      1. Where can you find biographical sketches of figures in the Kokinshū and similar works? Are any of these sources translated into English?

        1. It depends how reliable you want your sources to be. Wikipedia, for all its faults and caveats, has some pretty good basic entries on many of the poets. For something more authoritative, I’d suggest a good encyclopedia, such as the Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan.

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