Kojiki 44

This song, also attributed to Emperor Ōjin, is generally interpreted as referring to the missed opportunities of love, with the water shield being a metaphor for a maiden.

水溜る 依網の池の 堰杙打ちが 插しける知らに 蓴繰り 延へく知らに 我が心しぞ いや愚にして 今ぞ悔しき

midu tamaru
yosami no ike no
wigupi uti ga
sasikeru sira ni
nunapa kuri
papeku sira ni
wa ga kokoro si zo
iya wokonisite
ima zo kuyasiki
Water flows and rises
At Yosami Pond:
Driving in the dam piles,
Slipping in the stakes, I saw it not.
A water shield
Spread out its leaves, I saw it not.
My heart, indeed,
Was foolish
And now fills with regret.

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