Love I: 14

Left (Win).


chigiri mo fukaki
enishi araba
sue mo taeseji
nakagawa no mizu
Word reaches me
Of a bond whose depth
Reaches the life before – should it be so
Then it will endure to the very end,
As do the waters of the Naka River!





mirume naki
isoma gakure ni
yoru nami no
oto bakari ni mo
sode nurase to ya
No algae grows
Hidden on this rocky shore
Where the breakers fall;
Is it their sound alone
That tells me to soak my sleeves?



The Gentlemen of both Left and Right state: the other team’s poem lacks thought.

Shunzei’s judgement: Both are most poetic examples of examples of verses using the imagery of waves and waters, and there appears to be very little pointless space between them, but rather than being told to ‘soak one’s sleeves’ with no sight of the lady, the ‘deep bond’ of the ‘waters of the Naka River’ seems superior.

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