Love I: 28

Left (Win).


itsuwari no
shirushi to sugi o
miwa no yama
toitsutsu kitaru
kai shinakereba
How false!
For proof to the cedars
On Mount Miwa
Have I come visiting many times
To no purpose.

Lord Suetsune.




miwa no yama
sugi tatsu kado o
toe to dani
tanomenu michi ni
mayoi koro kana
On Mount Miwa
My gate where cedars stand
Come visit – not even
That have you asked, so my way
Have I lost…



Both Right and Left can find no fault with the other’s poem.

Shunzei’s judgement: Both poems refer to Mount Miwa, and it is, perhaps a bit regrettable [kuchioshiku] that the Left uses the phrase ‘How false! For proof’ (itsuwari no shirushi)in this context. In the Right’s ‘my gate where cedars stand’ (sugi tatsu kado) , tatsu sounds insufficient as diction [kotoba, koto tarazu kikoyu]. The Left’s poem, moreover, is tasteful in form [utazama yū naru].

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