Teiji-in uta’awase

The Poetry Contest at the Teiji Palace (teiji-in uta’awase 亭子院歌合) took place under the sponsorship of Retired Emperor Uda 宇多 at his residence on the 13th day of the Third Month 913. There is some doubt about the exact composition of the contest and its topics, but it appears to have had at least 30 official rounds and 60 poems considered. The principal poets involved were Ise 伊勢, Sakanoue no Korenori 坂上是則, Fujiwara no Okikaze 藤原興風, Ōshikōchi no Mitsune 凡河内躬恒 and Ki no Tsurayuki 紀貫之.

The following poems from this competition are on WakaPoetry.net:

SIS V: 288

'Simply moving and elegant'