Uta’awase: 1301-1350

Here is a list of poetry contests held between 1301-1350:

  • Sentō gojūban uta’awase 仙洞五十番歌合 (‘Poetry Contest in Fifty Rounds held at the Palace of the Former Emperor’), 29/4/Kangen 乾元 2 [16.5.1303]
  • Uta’awase 歌合 (‘Poetry Contest’), Kagen 嘉元 1-2 [1303-1304]
  • Eifukumon’in hyakuban uta’awase 永福門院百番自歌合 (‘Empress Shōshi’s Hundred Round Poetry Contest’), before Kōei 康永 1 [1342]
  • In roku-shu uta’awase 院六首歌合 (‘Former Emperor’s Poetry Contest of Six Poems’), before winter, Kōei 康永 2 [1343]
  • Kōgon’in sanjūrokuban uta’awase 光厳院三十六番歌合 (‘Former Emperor Kōgon’s Poetry Contest in Thirty-Six Rounds’), 9/8/Jōwa 貞和 5 [21.9.1349]

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