Akazome Emon

Akazome Emon (fl. 976-1041) was a lady-in-waiting and contemporary of Izumi Shikibu and Murasaki Shikibu. She is known to have served both Fujiwara no Michinaga and his daughter, Empress Shōshi (better known as Jōtōmon’in) and taken orders late in life. Her poems are included in numerous anthologies, and her contemporaries believed her an equal of Izumi Shikibu in talent.

In the Japan 2001 Waka, the following poems are by Akazome Emon:

SIS XX: 1342
GSIS I: 13
GSIS I: 25
GSIS I: 35
GSIS I: 48
GSIS I: 57

'Simply moving and elegant'