Sanekata Shū 52

Written on the day of the festival when Captain Michinobu had been a dancer there and we had been there together, after we had both been promoted to the Fourth Rank.


inisiFe no
yamawi no midu ni
kage miete
nawo sono kami no
tamoto koFisi mo
In the ancient
Indigo waters of a mountain spring
Do I see your face;
Still are those long gone, god-touched,
Sleeves dear to me.

2 thoughts on “Sanekata Shū 52”

  1. Based on your translation, it appears that there may be a pun in this poem on the similarity between 山井•やまゐ (mountain well) and 山藍•やまあい/やまい (mountain indigo plant). I seem to recall from reading elsewhere that indigo robes were part of the dancers’ attire; is that accurate?

    1. That the robes may have been indigo does ring a bell with me, too, but I can’t be definite without making some more checks.

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