Sanekata Shū 54

When Controller Tametō had begun to cease visiting Nagayori’s house, at the turning of the year, His Majesty provided a strip of his own clothing as an offering for the Miyanome festival; Tametō was visibly moved, so I composed:


ame ni masu
kasama no kami no
Furinisi naka wo
nani tanomamasi
Should the heaven-dwelling
God of Kasama
Fail to come,
To return things to what once they were:
How should I request it?

2 thoughts on “Sanekata Shū 54”

  1. Is there enough textual evidence to have some idea which emperor is mentioned in the headnote for this poem?

    1. Based on the period when the poem was composed, the most likely candidate is Ichijō. There are other potential interpretations of what the headnote means, however, as it depends on how one understands the honorifics used in it, so I have left this translation as is.

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