SSZS XVI: 1817

He composed this, thinking of when his father Lord Yoshifumi had was in Tamazushima and composed:

waka no ura ni / na o todomekeru / yue araba / michishirube seyo / tamazushima-hime
‘Upon the Bay of Waka / To leave my name— / If only there was a way, then / I would have you guide me, / O Princess of Tamazushima!’


waka no uraji no
ato aru kata ni
michishirube seyo
Coming to pay a visit
To the ways of Waka Bay,
O, plovers on the beach,
How to follow in your footsteps
I would have you guide me!

Lord Ki no Yoshito

A kuzushiiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

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