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GSS XVI: 1178

When no one enquired after him after he was in seclusion having lost his job.


oFoaraki no
mori no kusa to ya
kari ni dani kite
toFu Fito no naki
As the great Araki
Forest flowers
Am I become?
To come and cut them (even for the sake of it)
No one visits at all.

Mibu no Tadamine

GSS X: 661

When he had not visited someone whom he had got to know for a long time, he went there, and sent this in from the gate.


sumiyosi no
matu ni tatiyoru
siranami no
kaFeru wori ni ya
ne Fa nakaruran
At Sumiyoshi, a pleasant place,
The pines are washed over
By the whitecaps;
With their retreat
Are they left rootless, weeping wails?

Mibu no Tadamine