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SIS XII: 728

When he had just started talking with a woman, difficulties arose and he became unable to visit her; so, he sent this poem.


kakarade mo
ari ni si mono wo
sirayuki no
Fito Fi mo Fureba
masaru wa ga koFi
If it be so,
Then so be it, I thought once, but
As white snow falling,
With the passing day
My yearning grows ever stronger.

Ariwara no Narihira

GSS XIX: 1352

When he was travelling into the Eastlands, the further he went, the more he missed what he had left behind; while crossing a river and watching the waves:


sugiyuku kata no
koFisiki ni
urayamasiku mo
kaFeru nami kana
More and more
All that is behind me
Is what I long for;
How I envy
The returning waves.


GSS XVII: 1244

When he had gone to the province of Settsu and started to live in seclusion, feeling frustrated about his personal circumstances.


naniFa tu wo
keFu koso mitu no
ura goto ni
kore ya kono yo wo
umiwataru Fune
The port of Naniwa
I have seen today: an imperial port
And on the beach every
One, the world’s
Seas sails (so sad): those boats.


GSS XVI: 1125

When he had a particular reason, he entrusted this to the former Grand Minister [Fujiwara no Mototsune (836-891)].


uki yo no naka wo
Fikage ni oFuru
mi wo ika ni sen
Without any expectation
In this cruel world
Am I overwhelmed with grief;
In the sunlight grows
Fruit-what am I to do?

Ariwara no Narihira

GSS X: 628

When he had been visiting someone for a while, but it had been difficult to meet, he attached this to something and sent it to her:


kurenu tote
nete yukubeku mo
aranaku ni
tadoru tadoru mo
kaFeru masareri
It is dark, yet
To go to you and sleep
Is not possible, so
I wander round and round –
Better to go home!

Ariwara no Narihira