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FGS V: 522


kaze samumi
hadarejimo furu
aki no yo wa
yamashita toyomi
shika zo nakunaru
How chill the wind
Dusting frost
On this autumn night;
The foothills echoing with
The belling of the stags…

Fujiwara no Mototoshi

This poem is also included in the Horikawa Hyakushū.

Autumn II: 4



inishie no
hito o kiku ni mo
aki no yo no
mado utsu ame wa
Long ago
The ladies, I hear,
On autumn nights
With rain beating ‘gainst the window
Were lonely, as am I…

Lord Kanemune.




noki chikaki
matsu no kaze dani
aru mono o
mado uchisouru
aki no murasame
Close by my eaves,
Waiting, with the wind through the pines,
The window, beaten by
Autumn showers.



The Right complain, ‘In the Left’s poem, the poet seems to hear of the appearance of “long ago ladies”, but what is it that he hears – one would usually expect more, would one not?’ The Left have no criticisms of the Right’s poem.

Shunzei broadly agrees: ‘The Left’s poem, in saying “ladies, I hear” would certainly seem to be recollecting the concubines at the court of Xuanzong, but I wonder if this is clearly enough expressed in the poem? The Right’s final section “The window, beaten by Autumn showers” (mado uchisouru aki no murasame) sounds particularly fine. Thus, the Right wins.’