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KKS II: 81

Composed on seeing cherry blossom flowing along the stream in the grounds of the Palace of the Crown Prince.


eda yori mo
ada ni tirinisi
Fana nareba
otitemo midu no
awa to koso nare
From the branch
Have simply scattered
These blossoms, so they are
Fallen, yet the waters’
Foam have they become.

Sugano no Takayo


When Ki no Toshisada was sent to Awa as Vice-Governor, Narihira planned a farewell banquet for him. On the day he was due to depart, Toshisada kept rushing about here and there and, when he did not appear, even though it was late at night, Narihira sent this to him.


ima zo siru
kurusiki mono to
Fito matamu
sato woba karezu
Now I know well
The pain of it;
When someone awaits me
At their home, I’ll not stay away
But pay my call, as I should.

Ariwara no Narihira