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SKKS XII: 1111

On hidden love, from a hundred poem sequence when the Lay-Priest and former Regent was Minister of the Right.


chirasu na yo
shino no hagusa no
kari nite mo
tsuyu kakarubeki
sode no ue ka wa
Drip not!
Leaves of bamboo seedlings
I’d not pluck-briefly, indeed,
Must dewdrops cling there,
Above my sleeves, perhaps?

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office Toshinari

SKKS VI: 673

In the same house, when he had winter poems composed containing place-names, this was composed on snow on the estate of Fushimi.


yume kayou
michi sae taenu
kuretake no
fushimi no sato no
yuki no shitaore
In dreams I trod
A path now gone:
The bamboo at
Fushimi is
Broken in the snow.



While she was waiting eagerly for a man who had promised to come, she heard hailstones falling upon the bamboo leaves before her and composed:


take no Fa ni
arare Furu yo Fa
sarasara ni
Fitori Fa nubeki
kokoti koso sene
Among the bamboo leaves
The hailstones fall
With such a roar that
To sleep alone, indeed,
Is something I don’t want at all!

Izumi Shikibu

SIS XX: 1323

By His Majesty, Retired Emperor Suzaku (923-952; r. 930-946), on seeing that Senior Grand Empress [Shoshi (950-1000)] was still an infant:


kuretake no
wa ga yo Fa koto ni
narinu to mo
ne Fa taezu mo
nakarubeki kana
As bamboo from Cathay,
I shall slip the knot;
But though I be gone,
Eternally sobs
I shall weep for you, I feel.

Emperor Suzaku

KKS XII: 563

A poem composed at a competition held by Her Majesty, the Empress during the Kampyō era (889-898).


sasa no Fa ni
woku simo yori mo
Fitori nuru
wa ga koromode zo
On bamboo grass leaves
Settles frost, but
Sleeping alone,
My sleeves
Are colder still by far.

Ki no Tomonori