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SKKS II: 100

A Spring poem from the Poetry Contest in 1500 Rounds.


iku tose no
haru ni kokoro o
aware to omoe
miyoshino no hana
For how many years
Has Spring my heart
Left so exhausted?
Think fondly of me, I beg you,
Blossoms of fair Yoshino.

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office [Fujiwara no] Toshinari

SZS II: 122

Composed on the conception of the end of Spring, when He composed a hundred-poem sequence.


Fana Fa ne ni
tori Fa Furusu ni
kaFeru nari
Faru no tomari wo
siru Fito zo naki
Blossoms to the roots, and
Birds to their nests of old,
Where Spring’s lodging lies
Knows no one at all.

Emperor Sutoku

SZS I: 76

When he was asked to compose a thousand-poem sequence by someone, he composed this as a poem on blossom.


miyosino no
Fana no sakari wo
keFu mireba
kosi no sirane ni
Faru kaze zo Fuku
In fair Yoshino
The blossoms’ bounty
I see today, so
In Koshi on Shirane peak
The spring breezes will be blowing.

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office [Fujiwara no] Toshinari

SKS X: 402

In the spring of the year after Ōe no Masahira died, she composed this on seeing the blossoms.


kozo no Faru
tiri ni si Fana mo
aFare wakare no
Last year’s Spring’s
Fallen flowers
Are in bloom again;
Our painful parting,
If only it were so too…

Akazome Emon

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