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Love X: 2

Left (Tie)

nami no ue ni
ukarete suguru
tawareme mo
tanomu hito ni wa
tanomarenu ka wa
Atop the waves, and
Carried along helplessly,
Is even a pleasure girl
To a loving man
Unable to respond?

Lord Kanemune


nami no ue ni
musubu chigiri no
hate yori mo
koi ni shizuman
mi koso ukareme
Atop the waves
Form bonds
So brief – but more
Drowned in love
Am I, suffering so helplessly!

Lord Takanobu

Left and Right together state: we find no faults to mention.

In judgement: both poems are certainly focused on the topic, with ‘atop the waves’ (nami no ue) and ‘helplessly’ (ukareme). The round ties.

Eikyū hyakushu 469

Love on Sight


katu miredo
akanu koFi kana
Fukaki tigiri ya
musubi okikemu
I have seen you but once, yet
Never sated is my longing!
Does love
In such deep bonds
Always seem to entangle?

Higo, from the Residence of the Kyōgoku Regent