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Summer I: 12



natsu kusa no
moto mo harawanu
furusato ni
tsuyu yori ue o
kaze kayounari
The summer grasses
Are yet uncut
At this ancient home of mine;
Over the fallen dewdrops,
The sound of gusting wind…

A Servant Girl.


Right (Win).


natsu kusa no
naka o tsuyukemi
wakuru no wa
wa ga furusato no
kakine narikeri
Within the summer grasses
Dewy depths,
Forging ‘cross the plain and
My ancient home’s
Brushwood fence appears.



The Right team query, ‘How is it that the wind can pass “over the fallen dewdrops” (tsuyu yori ue o)?’ The Left content themselves with saying that the Right’s poem is ‘difficult to grasp’.

Shunzei, though, remarks, ‘The Left’s “over the fallen dewdrops” is a wonderfully charming expression. It is the initial “are yet uncut” (moto mo harawanu) which is extremely difficult to understand. The Right’s configuration and diction seem particularly fine [sugata kotoba yoroshiku koso haberumere], though, so it is, just, the winner.’


Composed when feeling that it was the end of the Fourth Month.


u no hana no
muramura sakeru
kakine o ba
kumo ma no tsuki no
kage ka to zo miru
The deutzia
Blooming in profusion
Along the brushwood fence
Through the cloud-breaks moon
Light do appear to be.

Emperor Shirakawa (1053-1129) (r. 1072-1086)