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SIS XVI: 1029

In the second year of Ōwa [962], he became a Chamberlain to the Crown Prince, and then within a month was also appointed a Secretary in the Ministry of Popular Affairs, so he sent this poem to the residence of Palace Lady Ukon, to express his pleasure at being doubly blessed.


Fiku Fito mo
nasi to omoFisi
ima zo uresiki
moroya situreba
No one there was to draw
I thought,
A catalpa bow, but
Now what joy
When a pair of arrows fly!


KKS II: 115

While on the path across the Shiga Mountains, he met a large number of women, and later composed this and sent it to them.


adusa yumi
Faru no yamabe o
miti mo sariaFezu
Fana zo tirikeru
A catalpa bow
When the springtime mountains
I traverse
I cannot pass along the way
So many flowers have fallen!