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MYS IV: 569

[One of] Four poems composed by guests at a banquet held at Ashiki post station in the province of Tsukushi to celebrate the departure of Ōtomo no Tabito from Dazaifu when he was commanded to return to the capital on his promotion to Major Counsellor.

辛人之 衣染云 紫之 情尓染而 所念鴨


karabito no
koromo somu to ipu
murasaki no
kokoro ni somite
omopoyuru kamo
Cathy folk
Dye their garb, they say,
With purple hues
Just so, my heart is stained
I feel!

Senior Clerk, Asada no Murajiyasu

Spring III: 14

Left (Win).


karahito no
ato o tsutauru
sakazuki no
nami ni shitagau
kyō mo kininkeri
How Cathay folk
Did long ago, ‘tis told;
With wine cups,
Trailing ‘long the waves
Has this day come.

Lord Sada’ie.




shizu ga kokoro wa
momo no hana
yayoi no kyō zo
‘Twas planted, long ago, and now
The peasants’ hearts,
Peach blossom
On this Third Month day
Must see.



Both teams say they have no criticisms, as before.

Shunzei, however, says, ‘The Left’s poem, as in the last round, draws on an ancient example of the Waterside Poetry Party. The Right’s, “The peasants’ hearts, on this Third Month day must see”, however, is extremely difficult to grasp, and certainly prosaic, is it not? The Left must win.’