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KKS II: 80

At a time when she was unwell and suffering, thinking that it might caused by the wind, she kept the shutters closed; at this time she saw how some cherry blossom, which had been picked and put in a vase, scattered, and composed:


tare komete
Faru no yukuwe mo
siranu ma ni
matisi sakura mo
While closed in and
Of the progress of spring
All knowing,
These long-awaited cherries, too,
Have faded.

Fujiwara no Yoruka

SZS II: 89

Composed as a poem on blossom.


sakura saku
Fira no yamakaze
Fuku mama ni
Fana ni nariyuku
siga no uranami
Cherries flower on
Hira Mountain while
Breezes blow
All turned to blossom are
The waves on Shiga’s shore.

Middle Captain of the Inner Palace Guards, Left Division, [Fujiwara no] Yoshitsune

KYS I: 48

Composed on being told of someone being delayed by the blossom in the mountains.


wono no e Fa
ko no moto nite ya
Faru o kagiranu
sakura nariseba
Would his axe handle
Beneath the trees
Rot away, I wonder,
Were in seasons other than spring
The cherries to bloom?

Ōnakatomi no Kin’naga (1071-1138)