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SKKS XVI: 1467

From the Poetry Contest a the home of the Lay-Priest and former Regent and Grand Minister.


haru kureba
nao kono yo koso
itsu ka wa kakaru
hana o mirubeki
When spring is here,
Once again this world
I do recall with longing;
O, when such flowers
Shall I see again?

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office Toshinari

SKKS XVI: 1459

Together with Prince Atsumichi, she went to the house of former Major Councillor Kintô and, on the following day, sent this via the messenger sent by the Prince.


oru hito no
sore naru kara ni
mishi wa ga yado no
hana no ka zo suru
The one who plucked it
Was you, so
As something trifling
Was it seen at my house
Scented with the flowers’ fragrance.

Izumi Shikibu