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SKS IX: 303

Composed when he held a poetry competition at his house.


Fudi no takane ni
kumo kiete
kiyomi ga seki ni
sumeru tuki kana
All through this night
From the mighty peak of Fuji
Have the clouds cleared, and
Above the barrier of Kiyomi
Brightly shines the moon.

Akisuke, Master of the Left Capital Office

Sanekata Shū 163

On hearing that a certain lady had been being visited by another man, I put on a show of ignorance and wrote this upon his fan beside a drawing of Matsushima.


matu ni koso
omoFikakaru to
kikisi ma ni
ne ni araFarete
miyuru fudi nami
On these pines, indeed,
Do you think fondly,
I did hear;
Their slumbering roots washed
Plainly by wisteria waves.

SKS VII: 202

Topic unknown.


tosi wo Fete
moyu teFu Fudi no
yama yori mo
aFanu omoFi Fa
ware zo masareru
Through all the passing years
Burns Fuji;
Far more than the mountain,
Not meeting you, the flames of passion,
Burn brightly in me.