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SKS I: 48

Composed on peonies by Imperial command, at a time when Retired Emperor Sutoku (1119 – 1164; r. 1123 – 1141) was still Emperor.


sakisi yori
tiriFaturu made
misi Fodo ni
Fana no moto nite
Fatuka Fenikeri
From first flower
To final fall
Have I watched them;
Seated by the blooms,
Twenty days have passed.

The Regent and Prime Minister [Fujiwara no Tadamichi (1097 – 1164)

SKKS IV: 302

When he was a Middle Counsellor or a Captain, at home he was made to compose a poem on the spirit of early autumn in a mountain hut.


asagiri ya
tatsuta no yama no
sato narade
aki kinikeri to
tare ka shiramashi
The morning mist
Rises on the mount of Tatsuta
Where stands my home-were it not for that,
That Autumn is here,
Who would know, I wonder?

The Hōshōji Lay Priest and Former Regent and Grand Minister [Fujiwara no Tadamichi] (1097-1164)

SZS X: 619

During the second year of Hōen (1136) there was an imperial excursion to the Hōkinkō In and he composed this on the spirit of ‘chrysanthemums’ many autumn vows’.


kimi ga yo wo
nagatuki ni simo
kiku no Fana
saku ya titose no
sirusi naruramu
My Lord’s reign:
In the Ninth-longest-month
Chrysanthemum flowers
Bloom-of a thousand years
Will they be a sign, perhaps.

The Hōshō-ji Lay Priest and Former Grand Minister [Fujiwara no Tadamichi]

SZS IV: 301

Composed on the spirit of the moon seen from within a valley, when at the house of the Hōshō-ji Lay Priest and Former Grand Minister [Fujiwara no Tadamichi].


teru tuki no
tabine no toko ya
simoto yuFu
katuragi yama no
tanigaFa no midu
The shining moon:
Does it make a traveller’s bed in,
Bound with greenery,
The Katsuragi Hills
Valleys’ river waters?

Minamoto no Toshiyori

SKS X: 413

At the time of the Shari Kō Service, people had to compose poems indicating their wish to follow the way of the Buddha, so he composed:


yoso ni nado
Fotoke no miti wo
wa ga kokoro koso
sirube narikere
In what distant place
The Buddha’s path
Should I seek?
It is my own heart that
Shall be my guide.

The Chancellor and Former Grand Minister [Fujiwara no Tadamichi]