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SKS VII: 187

Composed as a Love poem.


ayasiku mo
wa ga mi yama ki no
moyuru kana
omoFi Fa Fito ni
tuketesi mono wo
How strange it is!
My breast, as shoots on deep mountain trees
Bursts forth with fires
Of love, and to her

The Chancellor and Former Grand Minister [Fujiwara no Tadamichi]

SKS IV: 157

Once when the New Retired Emperor [Sutoku] was there, he command that Tadamichi compose a poem on a prospect in the midst of snowfall, so he composed the following:


kurenawi ni
miesi kozuwe mo
yuki Fureba
sira yuFu kakuru
kaminabi no mori
Scarlet hues
Appeared on the treetops:
Here with the falling snow
White cords of mulberry cloth are hung
In the forest of Kaminabi.

The Chancellor and Former Grand Minister [Fujiwara no Tadamichi] (1097-1164)

KYS VII: 401

Composed as a love poem.


iFanu ma Fa
simo FaFu asi no
ne wo sigemi
Fimanaki koFi wo
Fito sirurame ya
I say nothing, yet in the marsh
Below creep the reeds’
Roots in profusion-
No space between them-my love
I wonder if she knows it?

The Regent and Minister of the Left [Fujiwara no Tadamichi]