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Ise-shū 348

From the Master of the Right Capital Office, when the pinks were blooming in profusion.


wa ga sode ni
utsuraba utsure
te mo yamazu
tsumi ya iremashi
nadeshiko no hana
If, to my sleeves
It is to shift, then let it!
My hand will not cease
To pick and I would tuck within
A flowering pink!

Minamoto no Muneyuki

Love V: 20

Left (Win).

ika nareba
hodo naki naka no
kayoiji mo
aiminu yowa wa
Why is it that
We are so close in love
And distance, yet
Those nights we cannot meet
Are so painful still?

Lord Kanemune


omoi koso
tōki hodo dani
shirube nare
te mo kayoi nan
naka no hedate wa
Love’s flame
Across a distance far
Is a beacon; though
An outstretched hand
Is our only separation…

Lord Takanobu

As the previous round.

In judgement: the Right sounds as if the lovers are exceedingly close. The Left, that even when the distance separating you is not that great, it is still painful, is, indeed, the case. Thus, the Left wins.


MYS XVII: 4007

A poem to lament that his feelings of sadness were proving impossible to abate as the time of his return to the capital grew near.


wa ga seko pa
tama ni mogamona
kowe ni apenuki
te ni makite yukamu
You, my friend, are
As a jewel;
On a cuckoo’s
Call would I thread you, and
Go clasping you in hand…

Ōtomo no Yakamochi

The above poem was presented by Ōtomo sukune Yakamochi to Secretary Ōtomo sukune Ikenushi. 30th day of the Fourth Month.

Love V: 4

Left (Win).

kimi yue ni
itou mo kanashi
kane no koe
yagate wa ga yo mo
fukenishi mono o
For lack of you, I am
In sorrow and despite;
The tolling of the bell reveals
That so swiftly has my life
Reached its eventide…

A Servant Girl.


te ni toru hodo mo
omoiki ya
kari ni mo koi o
shiga no yamabito
A jewelled broom
I’ll take in hand now,
Could that have been my thought?
Briefly in love now as
The old man of Shiga Mountain!


The Right state: we wonder about the appropriateness of ‘swiftly’ (yagate). The Left state: should one mention a monk in a poem about Love?

In judgement: the configuration of the Left’s ‘In sorrow and despite; the tolling of the bell’ (itou mo kanashi kane no koe) sounds pleasant, so ‘swiftly’ does not seem unsuited. The Left wins.