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Love VIII: 15

Left (Win)

tori no ne wa
koishiki hito no
nani nare ya
auyo wa itoi
awanu yo wa matsu
The cock’s crow:
For my darling,
What might it mean?
Hated on nights we meet, and
Longed for when we do not…

Lord Kanemune


ika ni shite
sora toru hodo mo
hashitaka no
shibashi mo koi ni
mi o yasumuran
Why, when
Hunting in the skies, does
The sparrowhawk
Briefly in the trees
Take his ease?


The Gentlemen of the Right state: ‘What might it mean?’ (nani nare ya) fails to match. Ending ‘longed for’ (matsu) is overly definite. The Gentlemen of the Left state: what has hunting in the skies got to do with love?

In judgement: it has been said that ‘cock’s crow’ (tori no ne) and ‘what might it mean’ fail to match. Then there is also ‘definite’ (futsugiri). These are nothing but expressions which I do not know and find difficult to understand. ‘The sparrowhawk hunting in the skies’ (hashitaka no sora toru hodo) and ‘take his ease in the trees’ (koi ni yasumuran) both have only a faint conception of love, and I wonder about alluding to hawking. The Left failing to match, too, may be a term used in coursing for deer. Well, even if the deer do not match, as it has the conception of love, the Left should win.

Winter I: 26

Left (Tie).


hashitaka o
furuki tameshi ni
ato aru nobe no
miyuki narikeri
A sparrowhawk
As of old
Shall I call to hand;
Traces left upon this field
Of an Imperial progress.

Lord Ari’ie.




hashitaka mo
au o ureshi to
taenishi nobe no
kyō no miyuki ni
The sparrowhawk, too,
Would be glad to greet,
I feel,
At last, the field
Where today’s Progress is…



Neither team finds any fault with the other’s poem this round.

Shunzei’s judgement: Both poems are on sparrowhawks (hashitaka), with the Left ‘as of old shall I call to hand’ (furuki tameshi ni hikisuete) the bird, while the Right’s ‘would be glad to greet, I feel’ (au o ureshi to omouran), and both sound charming [okashiku kikoyu]. The round must tie.

Miscellaneous 95



yamanashi no hana
michi taete
yukusaki fukaki
yae shirakumo
Trudging, lost, amongst
The pear blossom on the hills,
The path comes to an end, and
My way lies deep between
The eight-fold clouds.


Right (Win).


hashitaka no
tokaeru yamamichi
tsurenaki iro no
kagiri o zo miru
The sparrow-hawks
Moult on mountain ways
I cannot cross:
The cruel constant colour of the pines is
All that lies within my sight.