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Egyō hōshi-shū 112

When various people went to view the scarlet leaves by the Ōi River in the Tenth Month.


kawabe no momiji
chiranu ma wa
tonase no kishi ni
On the Ōi River’s
Riverside the scarlet leaves
Have yet to scatter, so
At Tonase’s bank
I would linger long.
A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

SIS XVII: 1088

On the 21st day of the Fifth Month Tenroku 4 [973], former emperor En’yū, who was then the sovereign, visited the Princess of the First Order [Shishi 資子] and, following a loss at a game with go counters, on the 7th day of the Seventh Month, the Princess had a fan wrapped in thin cloth and presented to the imperial pantry.


ama no kaFa
kaFabe suzusiki
tanabata ni
aFugi no kaze wo
naFo ya kasamasi
On the River of Heaven’s
Shore, cool
In early autumn
Is this fan’s breeze:
I wonder, should I lend it you more?


This poem is also Wakan rōeishū  201.

SIS XIX: 1235

On the morning when the messengers departed for the extraordinary Kamo Festival, she sent this to the Principal Wife of the Minister of the Left attached to the flowers used to decorate their hair.


kamo no kaFabe no
Fudinami Fa
kakete wasururu
toki no naki kana
Kamo’s river shore by
Wisteria waves is
Washed; forgotten
Never will you be!



During the same reign, when there was an imperial excursion and His Majesty commanded the composition of poems.


kaFabe no matu ni
koto toFamu
kakaru miyuki ya
arisi mukasi mo
At Ōigawa:
O, pine trees on the bank
I would ask you something:
Was there ever such an imperial visit
In the days of long ago?

Ki no Tsurayuki