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SIS XX: 1339

When Lord Tamemasa sponsored a sutra reading at the Fumon Temple, on the following day, everyone departed all together; when she was leaving Ono, she noticed how charming the blossom was and composed:


takigi koru
koto Fa kinoFu ni
tukinisi wo
iza wono no e Fa
koko ni kutasan
Gathering kindling,
Did you exhaust yourself, but
Will your axe handle
Rot here, I wonder?

The Mother of Master of the Crown Prince’s Household Office Michitsuna

Love X: 23

Left (Tie)

wa ga koi wa
shigeki miyama no
yamabito no
sasuga ni e shimo
korihatenu kana
My love is
Lush as a tree in the mountains’ heart;
The mountain men with
Their hatchets cannot even
Begin to fell it!



aki kakete
tsumagi koritsumu
yamabito mo
moyuru omoi no
hodo wa shiraji na
Into autumn
Gathering piles of kindling
Even a mountain man,
The burning fires of my passion
Can hardly know…


The Right state: in the Left’s poem, ‘hatchets’ (sasuga) fails to match properly. The Left state: the Right’s poem lacks faults to indicate.

In judgement: indeed, in the Left’s poem ‘hatchets’ does not sound like it matches properly. The Right’s poem has the initial ‘into autumn’ (aki kakete), but the conception of autumn does not sound necessary here. They are of the same quality.